Who We Are

We are Desk Free Nation!

In some ways, we lost track of career tech education and the skilled trades. Big mistake. And we’re paying a price for that today. There are a tremendous number of great jobs out there waiting to be filled.”

GOVERNOR SNYDER – The Detroit News, ‘Snyder Promotes Trades Training After State of State’

A non-profit organization started and supported by individuals in the residential service industry. We are tired of struggling to find qualified techs and using piece meal approaches to address a system-wide issue.

We hope you will join us in addressing this problem. Our Board Members and Branding Ambassadors are dedicated to making a lasting difference in how new workers are attracted to the trades.

I am interested in learning more!

Inspiring people to pursue awesome hands-on careers by highlighting the success stories of those in the trades.

Desk Free Nation seeks to address the lack of skilled individuals in the trades by highlighting the success stories of trades people to entice interest in the trades, and by providing tools to schools, students and parents that will identify the steps they need to take to enter the trades.

We will do this by addressing the following barriers:

Barrier one:

A lack of clearly defined pathways

  • Educate schools and career counselors about these valuable career pathways
  • Develop a comprehensive guide for how to get into the trades that tackles the differences between states
  • Provide businesses with tools they can use to market their careers

Barrier two:

Persistent myths and misinformation about trades careers

  • Create clear messaging that resonates with young people about what it means to work in the trades
  • Provide compelling stories of individuals in the trades
  • Highlight the professional nature of trade careers and how they provide for a sound living
We want to paint a picture of the trades that inspires others to say: That is what I want to be!