Virtual Reality Games

We are all aware of the need to get skilled trades back into middle and high schools and show kids how fantastic these careers are, but how do we do this on a large scale? Que the VR headset and VR games. Yup that is right. DFN is on a mission to get a headset into every middle and high school in the United States.

What Games are Available?

Desk Free Nation has teamed up with Industry Lift to create career simulation games for Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical that can be played on an Oculus VR headset. In addition to the games we created, we are adding Industry Lifts games, including steelworker, ironworker, welder, forklift operator, bolting simulator, fabricator, and crane operator. 

What does the Student do in the Games:

These games are like you are on the job site doing the work. You choose the tools your will need to get the job done, and you complete the task. The hope is that these games spark an interest in kids that could benefit from careers in the skilled trades. Is your student a fit for the trades? (link to the video:

Who Can Request a Game?:

Any school administrator or school/guidance counselor that works with kids can request a headset by filling out this form: (link to form)

How much do they cost?

The headsets are $600. This includes the following:

  • Oculus Head-Set
  • Company Sponsor Branding
  • Shipping
  • Admin Fees to Load the Games
  • Instructional Info