Why Ride and Decide Programs?

While trade careers require unique mechanical aptitudes and are not for everyone, they are a wonderful alternative to desk bound jobs that require years of college education. Trade careers provide independent, hands-on, desk-free work opportunities, with high salaries. Sadly our schools systems often do not recognize the opportunities to be found in the trades and do not direct students or young adults toward these options. Ride and Decide programs are well-tested system for highlighting the positive benefits of this career, as well as the unique job atmosphere.

Currently our public systems are not designed to direct young people into careers in the skilled trades. Many school counselors are only experienced at helping youth find college career paths. They do not know how to direct young people to high-paying skilled trade careers. Ride and Decide programs fill this gap between private interests and public education by bringing businesses directly into contact with young people in the educational system. 

DFN’s is working with businesses in Colorado to implement Ride and Decide programs which recruit young adults and allow them to experience a day in the life of a plumber, electrician or heating/ventilation/AC (HVAC) technician. The individual rides along with the skilled tradesperson and will receive a day’s worth of paid on the job training. The goal is to highlight how these independent, in-the-field, consumer-focused careers provide varied and interesting careers.