Sponsor a Headset for a School

We appreciate you supporting the future of the skilled trades. We aim to get an oculus headset into every middle and high school in the County. We can only accomplish this lofty goal with the support of donors.

How much do they cost?

The headsets are $600. This includes the following:

  • Oculus Head-Set
  • Company Sponsor Branding-if you sponsor 10+ headsets (sticker of your company logo that sits on the front of the head-set).
  • Shipping
  • Admin Fees to Load the Games
  • Instructional Info

I will be sending over a downloadable PDF for this page.

Donation Form:

We want to use the same info on the site:

Can we slightly change this one to support a headset and then choose a quantity?

In the note section, which schools would you like to donate to? Address? And can we also have the option let DFN Choose?