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“The best thing we can do for kids who are trying to figure out what they want to do, is to keep them out of debt, and show them every available opportunity – including those that reward the mastery of a useful skill”

Mike Rowe

What’s My Role?

  • Become an expert at promoting the skilled trades to everyone by using Desk Free Nation resources to tell others about the trades!
  • Support Desk Free Nation by Donating today. Any amount is welcomed!
  • Recruit individuals in the trades to share their story and publish them with Desk Free Nation.
  • Help build out our Ride and Decide program by making your shop available for ride days.
  • Advertise on our Recruiting page.
  • Be a Guest on our Podcast: Trade Up
  • Promote the mission of Desk Free Nation to industry leaders and recruit at least two others to support Desk Free Nation.
  • Annually there will be an opportunity for you to let Desk Free Nation know how well we are doing. Take this opportunity to give us feedback and help strengthen our work!

What’s the Purpose?

To be a part of the vision of inspiring young men and women to join the trades!

What’s My Take Away?

As an Ambassador you can expect full support from Desk Free Nation in your effort to promote careers in the skilled trades. We’ll provide you with marketing materials, video snippets, information for your website and social media posts and more.

When you become one of our Skilled Trades Branding Ambassadors, we will give you swag that you can use to inspire others to be a part of our mission or to join the trades!

Help us become a Desk Free Nation!

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