Job Seeking Resources

For A Successful Start

Congratulations! You have decided on a career in the trades! Here are some tips to help you be successful.

Typical Interview Questions

Impress a potential employer by asking the following questions:

How did you get started in the trades?
What do you love most about the trades?
Is there a certain set of core values your company stands for?
How many trucks do you have on the road?
What are standard work hours at your company?  Is there flexibility? Do you require people to work emergency hours or weekends?
What is the number one thing that people love about working here?
What is something that you hear your employees complain about?
What does your apprenticeship program consist of?
Is there on-going professional development?
I read your reviews and it looks like you have an excellent reputation.  What are some of the things you have implemented to get that reputation?
What does a typical day look like for an apprentice at your company?
Do you offer health benefits when I start?
If I work hard is there opportunity for growth within your company?  If so, what does that look like?
Do you offer reviews to your employees so that I can get feedback on how my performance is?

How should I dress for my interview?

The job you are applying for is customer-facing. That means that when you are in front of the company’s customers you are representing them. How you appear can make or break a first impression. If you were an owner of a company how would you like your employees to present themselves?  Think clean-cut, friendly, approachable. A button-down shirt, tucked in with a nice pair of pants or clean jeans.  No holes in your clothes or shoes. You should be well-groomed. Many of the companies that you are applying for will supply a uniform but you will want to make sure that you present yourself with pride and professionalism.

Reminder Dress Tips for Interview:

  • No holes in your clothes or stains
  • Make sure all facial hair is groomed neatly
  • Tuck in your shirts and wear a belt
  • A button-down shirt that is wrinkle-free
  • Nice Jeans or Slacks that are free of stains
  • Shoes that look clean without holes
  • Women nice pants and a nice shirt

What should I look for in a company?

Trades companies come in all shapes and sizes.  Each company will have a unique environment and will require different skill sets depending on the type of trade work you are doing.

There are companies that work focus their work on:

  • Remodeling
  • Home Services and Repairs
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Commercial Industries
  • New Construction

When approaching a company do your research – spend some time looking at customer reviews or other information available on the internet.  When you go to your interview you should be prepared to find out the following:

  1. How big is the company?
  2. Is this a family business?
  3. How long has the company been in business?
  4. What is the average number of years employees work there?
  5. How much do they work with the consumers vs other work settings?
  6. What are their dress codes, their expectations when working with the public?
  7. What are their benefits?
  8. What is their salary range?
  9. Do they have a pathway for advancement?
  10. Will they pay you to be trained on the job?
  11. Will they pay for technical training in a school setting?
  12. Do they have apprenticeships?
  13. How do they balance work expectations with family needs?
  14. What is their reputation?
  15. What is the atmosphere at the workplace? Are employees positive?

There is no one right answer to these questions. Every individual will need to find the workplace that best fits their work style. You need to consider what is most important to you in a workplace setting and ask the right questions to make sure you find a company that is a good fit for you.