What We Do

We directly attack the stigma that keeps young people from seeking these awesome careers. We do this through:

1. A robust online presence with information about the trades to be used by students, school counselors and parents.

2. We tell the stories of individuals in the trades and publish them through social media.

3. Starting in Colorado we work to connect businesses with individuals eager to enter the trades through our Ride and Decide program.

Will You Help Stop the Stigma?

At Desk Free Nation we believe it is time to #stopthestigma by highlighting the amazing advantages of a career in the trades!

Here is where your dollars will go:

  • Development of a nationwide #stopthestigma campaign that uses stories from the trades
  • Development of tools that educators, parents and students can use to learn about the trades
  • Development of a robust website that helps people find careers in the trades.