Barrier Two: No Career Paths

For forty years career paths into the trades have been diminishing

As schools focused on a college for everyone mentality that drove students to four-year colleges, careers where you could learn the skills you need on-the-job, were viewed as less prestigious, less lucrative and just plain less.

A study done by Ridged in 2010, found students don’t even know these careers exist. The study found that only 6% of students were interested in these careers. However, once students were given information about these careers, the interest level increased dramatically.

At Desk Free Nation we want to address the barriers that keep students from finding careers in the trades. To do this, we are approaching this in several different ways.

“Today, we are looking at apprenticeships as the other four-year degree, and informed people know that there are good paying, career opportunities in the skilled trades that allow you to earn while your learn, and transition you to full careers in various professions.”

  1. First and foremost, we want to give our schools and students the information they need to direct students to these careers. We will do this by breaking down the complicated system of training that varies state by state and even sometimes county by county. We will provide clear information on how learning the skills needed to become a trained plumber, electrician or HVAC technician.
  2. We will work with businesses in the residential service industry, teaching them how to approach their schools and set up a program of apprenticeship (either formally or informally) so students can move right from High School to their program. Building channels between High School students and the businesses, like ride along programs will be a part of the process.
  3. We will also work directly with people who express an interest in the trades. Through social media campaigns and online information, we will educate them about the process for accessing these lucrative and successful careers.