Apprenticeship or On-the-Job Training?

Apprenticeship is a formalized type of on-the-job training that often includes classroom study and results in recognition or certification through state or federal programs or educational institutions. Apprenticeship programs are monitored and reviewed to ensure there is quality education happening in the program.

Nationwide there is an increased interest in apprenticeship training. At employers and potential apprentices can learn about building or attending high-quality hands-on training programs. Employers can also post their apprenticeship jobs online and recruit candidates, access resources or sign up for the newsletter. In addition, there are resources for learning about apprenticeships for middle and high school teachers.

Many businesses run on-the-job training programs that are just as rigorous and educational but have not been certified by outside agencies. Especially small business owners are unlikely to go through the demanding process of having their on-the-job-training program qualified as an apprenticeship program, although in some states this process is easier than others. For example, the North Carolina Community College System runs an apprenticeship program that works employers to build apprenticeship programs. In states that do not provide help in the creation of apprenticeship programs, small businesses are less likely to build a formalized program, although this does not mean their program is necessarily less educational. 

One way to address the shortage of skilled technicians is the creation of strong state-wide apprenticeship programs such as the one in North Carolina.

Check out the fifth annual National Apprenticeship Week will be held November 11-17, 2019.